Athletes HQ®
Hitting Development

  • Athletes HQ® Hitting & Pitching Development Programs are our most popular training programs for athletes ages 13u - 18u

  • If younger than 12u please check out our Youth Complete Hitters Program

  • All program sessions are 1-hour in length and group sizes are limited to only 4 athletes to ensure maximum development in a group setting


  • Each program is offered 2-times per week throughout the month so that athletes have more opportunities to develop their skills

Swing Building Program

The Swing Building Program is designed for players who need to refine their mechanics and learn the 'Athletes HQ Phases of the Swing'. 

All sessions will involve video feedback of the athlete's swing. After the first session players will be given a mechanical/movement focus for the duration of the program.

Power & Damage Development

The Power & Damage Development Program is designed for players to build more rotational speed, have higher exit velocities, and develop faster bat speed.

Statistically, across ALL levels of baseball, the harder an athlete can hit the ball the more productive they are on all aspects of hitting. Players will have their Exit Velocity and Bat Speed tracked the entire program.

Bat-to-Ball Development

The Bat-to-Ball Development Program is designed to give athletes a better sense of Barrel Awareness and Barrel Accuracy. 

Athletes will be given various implements in the training setting to increase their ability to move the baseball during a game. Small ball, stick bats, various pitch pressures and pitch shapes will be used to develop a higher level of Bat-to-Ball skills.